[10TH WORLD WATER FORUM PRESS RELEASE ] Three Main Processes of the 10th World Water Forum to Define Strategy of Global Water Management

Apr 27, 2024







Three Main Processes of the 10th World Water Forum to Define Strategy of Global Water Management

The 10th World Water Forum, the world's largest international water forum, will take place in Bali from 18 – 25 May 2024 and focus on global water management issues. The forum presents three main processes for discussing global policies and strategies for managing water resources.

Endra S. Atmawidjaja, Deputy Chair of the National Organizing Committee Secretariat for the 10th World Water Forum and Expert Staff to the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) for Technology, Industry, and Environment, conveyed this in Jakarta on Saturday (27 April).

“The 10th World Water Forum's meeting mechanism will be divided into three interrelated processes: the political process, the thematic process, and the regional process. All these processes are expected to result in a mutual agreement or Ministerial Declaration (MD) regarding global water management issues,” said Endra.

He further explained that as the host, Indonesia is pushing for four proposals to be agreed upon in the Ministerial Declaration. These are the designation of World Lake Day (WLD), the establishment of a Centre of Excellence on Water and Climate Resilience (COE), the mainstreaming of Water Management for Small Islands, and the development of a Compendium of Concrete Deliverables and Actions.

“We must acknowledge that the first point is important because many lakes or bodies of water have disappeared in Indonesia and other countries. This is a critical issue to discuss because lakes are a source of raw water, energy, and flood control,” said Endra.

The second point is the Centre of Excellence on Water and Climate Resilience. Regarding this, the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has presented a concept note focusing on research cooperation and data exchange.

The third point concerns the discussion of Water Management for Small Islands. Indonesia is also pushing for the capacity strengthening of outermost islands to produce clean water. The final point is documenting a list of water projects as a Compendium of Concrete Deliverables and Actions, which is inclusive yet voluntary.

The compendium will include a list of projects, initiatives, and collaborations managed by water stakeholders at the national, regional, and international levels. Indonesia will also prepare an online submission platform.

In addition, the forum, which carries the theme of “Water for Shared Prosperity,” will also discuss six subthemes, including Water Security and Prosperity, Water for Humans and Nature, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Governance, Cooperation and Hydro-Diplomacy, Sustainable Water Finance, as well as Innovation and Knowledge.

The 10th World Water Forum is one of the milestones in accelerating the achievement of the sixth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), which is ensuring access to clean water and adequate sanitation for all. Stakeholders will collaborate to find solutions to the issues of global water sector during the forum. (Firda Puri, Novi, PUPR/TR/Elvira Inda Sari/WW)



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