[10TH WORLD WATER FORUM PRESS RELEASE] Getting to Know South Korean Water Management Technology

May 25, 2024







Getting to Know South Korean Water Management Technology

South Korean Pavilion at the 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) welcomes visitors with the inscription "Bridging the Gap: Technology and Knowledge Sharing" at one of the gates.

It received recognition as the best pavilion at the 10th World Water Fair and Expo. Indonesian Public Works and Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono, paid a visit to the pavilion on Friday, 24 May.

On the same day, the pavilion also received a visit from a group of students. They focused on the displayed information guided by the pavilion staff.

"The information is so relevant to the subjects we are currently studying," said Jessica, a sixth-semester student at Udayana University majoring in Marine Science, who came with her colleagues.

Dr. Shim Eun Jeong, a Senior Researcher from the Education and Information Department of the Korea Institute of Hydrological Survey (KIHS), stated that the pavilion is managed by the Ministry of Environment of South Korea.

"In Korea, we have many water resources projects. We also have a decision-making system in water management. South Korea is developing digitalization and innovation, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), generating big data, and using satellites to manage water in Korea," said Dr. Shim, emphasizing that South Korea is committed to sharing technology and knowledge with other countries.

Various information from the South Korea Pavilion can be accessed on the official website of the Korean Ministry of Environment at http://eng.me.go.kr/eng/web/main.do.

116 organizations and countries from 17 countries will participate in the 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo until 25 May. (Natalia Santi/TR/Elvira Inda Sari/SW/Flow)


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